The tempos project

TEMPOS is a tripod, with two pieces of next-generation equipment devoted to excellence in TEM (CHROMATEM and NANOMAX), and a third pole to back up the development of other local nanoscience activities (NANOTEM). NANOMAX and CHROMATEM will push  forward the limits in the study of individual nano-objects and nanomaterials, from their growth to the most local measurement of their physical properties, with innovative instrumentation. NANOTEM, in addition to providing support to the whole nanoscience community on the Campus will permit the necessary preliminary studies required by the other two microscopes. The objects of study of the TEMPOS project are innovative materials, nanostructures and  architectures, including spintronics and oxitronics devices, metamaterials, semiconducting nanowires and quantum emitters, carbon nanotubes, functional oxides.

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