The CHROMATEM machine is dedicated to ultra-High resolution spectroscopy. It features in particular UHR EELS (down to 5 meV @ 30 keV) with high current (typically 20 pA for 7 meV spectral resolution in a probe of 0.5 nm at 100 keV), the capability to perform cathodoluminescence and a stage entry allowing for liquid nitrogen temperature and in-situ biasing and heating experiments.

Few additional characteristics:

  • 30-200 kV c-FEG emitter
  • MC + C5 mkIII Nion QO corrector, UHV column
  • NION Iris EELS spectrometer fitted with an Hamamatsu KURO
  • Attolight CL
  • Side-entry stage with LN2 in situ option (HennyZ sample holder)
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